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Pre Professional Program Students are accepted by audition only and placement for level 1 or 2 is at the discretion of the faculty and director

Pre Ballet Basic and Ballet Beginnings

Basics uses creative movement and imagery to introduce ballet steps and terminology. In both classes Children are introduced to the beginnings of ballet in a creative environment. Classes focus on developing strength, flexibility, musicality.

Ballet  l and Ballet ll

The foundation for all Ballet technique based on age and level. Ballet ll starts to introduce more complex choreography, basic turn preparations  and balances 

PPL l &  ll Classes 

Pre Professional classes structured  for  the serious student exploring dance as a vocation or in anticipation of a college program. PPL students audition for JERSEY CITY BALLET THEATER and dance along side professional company members. All PPL students are placed by level and assessment classes are ongoing.

Pre Teen/ Teen Ballet

Classes focus on proper  placement, ballet vocabulary, developing strength, flexibility, musicality.

189 Brunswick Street 2nd Floor  l



Theater Jazz  and Hip Hop Jazz Basic Fundamentals 

Works on body isolations, coordination and introduces classical jazz choreography. 

Modern and  Modern Jazz l

A technical and structured class that introduces various movement styles .

Modern, Modern Jazz ll

Introduces a more structured class with challenging combinations and choreography. This class  introduces the Horton Technique and Classical Jazz Technique. This class  is a Pre Pro requirement.